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2022 Education Information

2022 Member Education

Member Education CAAP Learn

2022 Education Information for Members

Webinars and Learning Modules

CAAP member education for 2022 includes both a series of Webinars and Learning Modules.

"Prosper Together" Webinars

The 21 webinar series covers topics such as workplace inclusivity, poverty, family mobility, project management, data analysis, and more. 

Learning Modules 

Later in 2022, modules will be available focused on DEI, followed by Board Governance modules. They offer opportunities for discussion, assessment, and certification.

Email Leslie with any suggestions, for assistance creating your CAAP Learn account, ROMA, or for answers to education questions.

Access To Member Education

  • Visit CAAP Learn, our learning management system, to access CAAP education, view past webinars, access integral resources, complete interactive activities, and make training suggestions for the future. Create your CAAP Learn account to get your member education started.

  • Creating your account is free and easy. Create your CAAP Learn account today!

  • CAAP also has an educational YouTube page for technology tutorials. View short instructional videos about using technology such as Google Meet, Prezi, Adobe Scan, QR Code Generators, creating break out rooms, screen recording (including Loom & Screencastify) and much more.

  • Learn more about ROMA training available from CAAP. Registration information is also included on this page.

  • Learn more about the history of training for our Member Agencies.