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The High Cost of Being Poor

Debbie Weinstein will discuss “The High Cost of Being Poor” within the context of the newly released (September 15th) U.S. Census Bureau’s 2015 income, poverty, and health insurance statistics. Ms. Weinstein will provide a concise overview of the low-income Pennsylvania U.S. Census data with a specific focus on how many people are spending at least half their income on rent, how many low-income people have high debt levels, rising child care expenses, and several other high cost burdens low-income families face. Ms. Weinstein will provide an analysis of the very new PA low-income census data and “what the numbers say” about how local programs/services are helping to alleviate poverty, as well as what more is needed. This session will help your agency communicate the importance of how our services are helping to reduce poverty in Pennsylvania.

Deborah Weinstein came to the Washington, DC based Coalition on Human Needs as Executive Director in June, 2003. Ms. Weinstein brings over thirty years of advocacy experience to CHN on a wide range of issues at both the state and federal level. Prior to coming to CHN, Ms. Weinstein served nine years as Director of the Family Income Division of the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF). At CDF she worked on policy strategies to lift children and their families out of poverty, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), child support, jobs and wages, housing, nutrition, unemployment insurance, and equitable tax policy. From 1983 to 1993, Ms. Weinstein was Executive Director of the Massachusetts Human Services Coalition, a nonprofit advocacy organization comprised of human service providers, religious organizations, labor, and advocacy groups that focus on the needs of Massachusetts people, especially those with limited income. She has a Master of Social Work degree from San Diego State University.