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Data Analysis Traing by Paige Teegarden

The CSBG Organizational Standards and ROMA Next Gen both assume CAAs’ capacity to effectively and efficiently collect, manage, and analyze a range of data and apply that analysis to operations. The Comprehensive Needs Assessment tool on CAAP’s website makes the collection of community level information for your needs assessment a relatively straightforward task. However, to make good strategic decisions, we also need to weave in analysis about who we already serve, what services are being utilized (in what bundles), what outcomes are our programs achieving, and our clients’ feedback. The real challenge is translating these different types of data into useful, actionable insights that can benefit the communities we serve. This session will define data capacity and offer best practices for enhancing this essential capacity. We will explore how organizational culture impacts data capacity and what you can do to build a more data driven culture. Finally, we will pull it all together by looking at examples of analysis that impacts program operations and program development that led to better outcomes for clients at GCCAC in Maryland.

Ms. Teegarden is a systems thinker and gifted facilitator who is focused on organizations’ use and understanding of data. Recently, working extensively with Garrett County Community Action (GCCAC), Ms. Teegarden implemented an organization-wide client tracking system and electronic document management system. She has come to believe that increasing staff's ability to collect, use, and understand data may be the single most effective way to better and more quickly address ever shifting funding and operating environments. Paige Teegarden, MPP, has over 20 years of experience working with businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Over the years, Ms. Teegarden has helped many organizations think more strategically and implement processes and systems to enhance their performance. Currently, Ms. Teegarden is General Manager of CSST Software and acts as Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Garrett County Community Action.