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Client Success Stories

Overcoming Challenges

Community Action helps individuals and families overcome barriers to personal and financial self-sufficiency.  Our Agencies partner one-on-one with clients.  Learn how you can get help by learning other people's stories.

Short Videos Featuring Client Success Stories

More Ways To Follow Our Client Successes

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  • Visit Our Social Media Page:  CAAP posts several times a month onto Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  Learn how to get ongoing updates, education, and information that you can also share on your own pages.  We don't mind!
  • Self Sufficiency Awards:  Get to know our past award winners:  Each year we honor the hard work our clients do to reach financial self-sufficiency.  Read about our clients and the stories we celebrated in past years.
  • Watch More Videos:  First, we recommend you link to our website video stories, which is a collection of our favorite videos.  Then try:

Note:  Our Vimeo account houses much of our videos history. On Vimeo, there’s a button that allows member Agencies to download any video as an mp4 file. Agencies can also embed the videos using the individual Vimeo links. Feel free to use our videos however you want.